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Cedar IPM Screened Floor Assembly (Included with Assembled Hives and DIY Hive Kits)


This item is included with our assembled hives and DIY hive kits. It does not need to be purchased separately. We offer this item for people who already have Warré hives, but want to switch to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) screened bottoms for varroa mite reduction and monitoring.

  • Made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar, this floor works with any Warré hive that is built to the correct specifications of 300mm inside dimension; square.
  • 8 mesh screen for varroa mite reduction and monitoring.
  • Designed to allow dead bees to build up during the winter without blocking the hive entrance.
  • Space is provided for under-screen insertion of a sticky board  or to block off the opening, if desired.
  • Allows for inspection of bottom hive body to determine if an additional body is needed.
  • Landing board is mitered at 10 degrees to help prevent bees from drowning when exiting the hive after a rainfall.
  • 1x18cm entrance rarely needs reducing or guarding against mice.

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