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Hivetop Feeder for Square Hive


  • Made from select clear radiatta pine, these hivetop feeders work by placing them between the top hive body and quilt.
  • Tight joining is glued with Titebond III waterproof glue and then stapled. Will not leak and will last a lifetime when properly prepped and cared for!
  • Drowns a very minimal number of bees.
  • Keeps sugar or honey syrup warmer during cold weather than do other feeders.
  • Helps to prevent robbing of feed by other bees or insects.
  • Can be filled at any time without using smoke or veil because the bees are behind the 8 mesh screen.
  • Unlike jar feeders, which can only feed a few bees at a time, this feeder can feed many hundreds of bees at the same time, to greatly  enhance hive productivity.
    Feed can be taken up to 20 times faster!
  • Bee space under the entire feeder allows the bees to quickly move feed to anywhere in the hive, and also prevents propolizing of the feeder to the top bars.
  • Holds approximately 3 quarts of syrup.
  • Purchase a pint of Honey B Healthy to stimulate feeding!
  • Learn all about our hivetop feeders; how they work and how to prep them, by clicking here!

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