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Cedar Hive Body with 8 Frames for Modified Warre Hive


  • Expand your established modified Warré hive or use one of these hive bodies to super any Warré hive during heavy nectar flows.
  • Made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar.
  • Comes assembled except for the frames; exactly as shown in the main photo.
  • Exactly the same as the Warré hive body , except that it comes with full frames instead of only top bars, and the rebates have metal frame rests installed for easier frame removal and to prevent damage to parts from propolis adhesion.
  • 8 quality frames have wedge top bars and grooved bottom bars. Frames are unassembled and come with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Nails are included. Need more help? Watch the video!
  • Foundation is NOT included. Can be set up with or without foundation. Foundation is recommended in order to prevent cross-combing, especially for new beekeepers! If you want to do foundationless beekeeping, you can simply turn each frame's wedge cleat on its side and fasten it in place with the included brads. Coat the guides with beeswax to encourage the bees to follow them. You may also choose to wire your frames.

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