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Honey B Healthy


Here's a product that we have used and recommended for a long time. Made up mostly of essential oils, Honey B Healthy has a lemon scent that bees just love. This one pint bottle makes up to 23 gallons of feed when mixed with sugar syrup at a rate of 1 tsp/quart. HBH helps to attract the bees up into the hivetop feeder and also prevents spoilage of the syrup from mold that grows rapidly without it. Recent studies show that feeding HBH in the early spring may control nosema as effectively as Fumidel or Fumagilin B. Many other claims have been made by users of this product who believe that feeding it has protected their bees from everything from varroa infestation to CCD. Whatever the facts, we believe in this product. We often use HBH when we feed our colonies. We recommend it, and that is why we became an authorized HBH distributor.

NOTE: We do not recommend using this product when fall feeding (during the fall nectar dearth), as its very powerful scent can attract robbers to the hive.

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