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Warre Inspired Cedar Octagonal Hive


  • FREE shipping within the contiguous 48 states!
  • Made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar.
  • Not a kit! This hive comes assembled; exactly as is shown in the second photo. You need only to add the cedar sawdust to the quilt box, install the comb guides into the grooves of the top bars and coat them with wax, and then install the top bars into the hive bodies using the provided brads. Easy to follow instructions are included. We do not offer this hive as a DIY hive kit .
  • This hive closely simulates a tree cavity; the most common natural environment for a bee colony.
    We are the only U.S. company manufacturing an octagonal beehive!
  • Nearly cylindrical design helps bees stay warm and dry.
  • Exterior surfaces of the hive bodies and the roof are sanded smooth.
  • Made from red cedar, so there is no need to paint anything! Painted hives trap moisture.
  • Hive bodies have the same inside diameter (300mm) and depth (210mm) as standard Warré hive bodies.
  • All joints are glued liberally with Titebond III and then stapled, as are the handles..
  • 8 mesh floor for IPM (integrated pest management) varroa mite reduction and monitoring.
  • Solid floor is available upon request at no additional cost (not recommended). If you wish, you may select "Solid Floor" from the drop-down menu when ordering.
  • Inside walls of hive bodies are rough sawn to promote propolis lining of the hive. This propolis has been proven to increase the colony's immunity to disease.
  • Fiberglass screen is provided to separate the quilt and top hive body to help minimize propolizing of the natural canvas duck quilt bottom.
  • Easily expanded by adding more hive bodies.
  • Available accessories include a sticky board, hivetop feeder, bee escape board and more!
  • Replacement top bars are available.
  • You can upgrade this hive to Copper-Top!

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