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4.9mm Long Hook Foundation for Modified Warre Hives - 7 Sheets


4.9mm is small cell foundation for use in the second and final step of honeybee regression. Learn all about regression to small cell size (to control varroa) by clicking here. If you're getting your bees from Wolfcreek Apiaries or from anyone else who has natural sized bees, use this beeswax foundation in all of your modified hive bodies. 7 sheets are already cut to the proper length to fit the frames in your modified Warré hive and 28 foundation pins are included. The depth of the foundation may need to be adjusted by cutting with a good pair of snips. The 8th frame in each box is to be left foundationless (use the wedge cleat as a comb guide and coat it with wax) and placed in the 2nd or 3rd postion (doesn't matter which side). The foundationless frame in the top box will give you somewhere to place the queen cage when installing package bees (laying on and parallel with the bottom bar), and they will all give the bees room to raise drones.

NOTE: Starting out foundationless with a framed hive can be difficult and risky, especially if you are a new beekeeper. Start your modified Warré hive out with foundation, and then work toward a foundationless hive (if that's what your goal is) after you have at least a few boxes of nicely drawn comb. Watch this video to learn more!

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