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Set of 8 Frames for Modified Warre Hive


These frames have a wedge top bar, grooved bottom bar and come unassembled with nails and assembly instructions. Need help with assembly? Watch the video!

NEW DESIGN: These are the frames that work in our current design Modified Warré Hive. The top bars of these frames measure 317 mm (about 12 1/2") long, and the total height is 7 15/16 inches. They will work in any and all hive bodies that are built to official Warré specifications, which means that the hive bodies must have 300mm (about 11 13/16") inside dimensions (square), rebates that are 1cm x 1cm (about 3/8" x 3/8"), and a total height of 210 mm (about 8 1/4").

You can convert any Warré top bar hive to a Modified Warré (framed) hive by simply purchasing and installing these frames.

These are the frames that work in the Modified Warré Hives that we manufactured before November of 2016. The measurements are exactly the same as described above, except that the total height is 9 1/8" instead of 7 15/16". The old design Modified Warré Hive bodies were 9 7/16" tall. If these are the frames you need, be sure to select "Old Design" from the drop-down menu above.

Shipping is FREE within the contiguous 48 states on orders of $99.00 or more!

Does not include beeswax or foundation and foundation pins.


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