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Upgrade Any New Hive to Copper-Top


Purchase a new Assembled hive and have a beautiful copper roof installed when you add this item to your cart. We offer, by far, the best copper roofs for beehives in the business. This isn't the easily destroyed, paper-thin copper foil that some use on their hives; nor is it the "composite copper" (copper-colored corrugated plastic) that is being used by some now. Our copper roofs are made from what you'd think they'd be made from...actual copper roofing material installed over real cedar roof decking! At 12 oz. per square foot, this durable 16-gauge copper roof will last a lifetime and is secured to your hive's roof deck with genuine 1.5 inch copper roofing nails.

Copper cleaner can be used to remove fingerprints and smudges from new copper. Exposure to the elements will naturally alter the appearance of copper, giving it a natural patina.

Purchase this item only to upgrade an assembled hive that you are purchasing. You cannot purchase this item without also purchasing an ASSEMBLED hive! This is a copper roof upgrade only. The actual wooden roof assembly is part of an assembled hive and is not included with the purchase of this item! This item is not available with a DIY hive kit, because we must assemble the roof in order to put copper on it for you.

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