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1/2 Inch Quilt Spacer Shim


This handy shim allows you to create a 1/2" space between the upper hive body and quilt so that you can install SHB traps . It can also be used to feed pollen or fondant to your bees. Having a screened floor drives small hive beetles to the top of the hive (they don't like light), so traps are very effective in the upper hive body (not to mention much easier to check and empty). The top of the shim has fiberglass screen fastened to it to keep the bees from propolizing or shredding the quilt canvas, so you simply remove your existing screen when the shim is in place. The shim can be left in place at all times if you prefer, since it has no effect on hive functionality.

The square shim is rabbet jointed, glued liberally with Tightbond III and then fastened with 1" staples. It will easily withstand normal use, not abuse . If you do wish to use the shim year 'round, you may simply nail it to the bottom of your quilt box for increased durability and convenience.

The octagonal shim must be permanently fastened to the bottom of the quilt box and left on at all times. If you order an octagonal shim at the same time you purchase a new octagonal hive, we'll do this for you. Otherwise, we'll send you the parts and you'll need to fasten it to the quilt box yourself. Using small finish nails will work well for this.

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