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Serrated Offset Uncapping Knife


If you want to use an extractor to harvest honey from modified Warré frames, you'll need a good uncapping knife. This knife does the job without heat. The ultra-thin, 11" serrated blade allows you to get a very clean cut without heating the knife. The offset handle allows you to better see what you're cutting. Also works great for uncapping the frames of honeycomb from your sections box!

Note: Dipping the blade into a pan of hot water between cuts makes the uncapping even easier. To make the job easier yet, purchase two uncapping knives. Uncap with one and leave the other in a pan of hot water. Once the first knife cools, just switch knives. Makes the job fly by!

Be sure to purchase a cappings scratcher for any "low spots" that the knife won't uncap.

Click here to watch a video demonstration on honey extraction!

This is a very high-quality knife, made in Portugal, and is not the one that you'll see advertised elsewhere for less!

This knife is extremely sharp. Handle with caution!

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