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Honey Refractometer Kit


Usually, if honey has been capped by the bees, it is dehydrated enough to bottle without the worry of fermentation. However, there are times (usually when the weather is excessively humid) that capped honey can contain more than 19.5% moisture. Honey with excessive moisture can ferment after it is bottled and really ruin someone's day (probably yours). Be sure your honey is properly dehydrated before bottling it by using this hand-held refractometer. Made specifically for honey, it measures moisture content on a scale of 12 to 27% and is accurate to within +/-1%. Ideally, your honey should test at between 17 and 18.5% moisture. This refractometer also has the capability of measuring your honey's sugar content and specific gravity.

This is a quality tool that works just as well as the expensive models. It is easily calibrated without tools, has automatic temperture compenstion (ATC) and comes with a hard plastic protective case, a spare lens cover glass, 10 pipettes (droppers for placing samples on lens) and complete instructions .

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