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Deluxe Honey Extractor on 3 Legs


Most people who have Warré hives will use our Honey Strainer/Bottler when it's time to harvest honey. But if you use Modifed Warré hive bodies to super your hive (in order to greatly increase honey production), you'll want to harvest honey from those boxes using an extractor. Using an extractor preserves the clean combs, which can then be reused in subsequent years in order to produce even more honey! A very helpful video explaining the extraction process can be found by clicking here . The extractor shown in the video differs slightly, as it sits on it's own bottling tank. Offering you this model saves you money and just makes more sense, because this extractor is used in conjunction with the strainer/bottler that you already have. It is supported by three legs, lifting it just high enough so you can place the bottom bucket of your strainer/bottler (with the strainer assembly on top of the bucket) under it's gate valve. When you extract honey, it flows through the open gate valve, and then through the strainer and into the bucket. The unit is 16" in diameter and is made from 18/10, 22 gauge stainless steel. It will extract two frames at a time from a modified Warre hive.

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