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Ultimate Pollen Trap


Here at Teakwood Organics, we're not advocates of exploiting our bees' labor. We do, however, know that there are those of us who depend on pollen for health reasons. We also know that the bees take more pollen into the hive than they could ever consume. Collecting pollen can also be done in the best interests of your bees. Pollen collected during the summer months can be stored in your refrigerator for long periods, and then fed to your bees in the early spring in order to promote brood health and colony strength. For these reasons, we're proud to offer this state of the art pollen trap with the following features:

  • FREE shipping within the contiguous 48 states!
  • Main body is made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar.
  • Pollen drawer is made from select, clear pine.
  • Heavy duty 16-gauge copper roof is secured with genuine copper roofing nails and will keep the pollen safe and dry through typical summer rain showers.
  • The plastic card, which when inserted into the slot allows for the collection of pollen, is of an innovative design and will cause almost no damage to any of your bees' legs or wings. This type of bee damage is common with other pollen traps.
  • The bees will be able to get enough pollen through the trap that they will still have enough for themselves.
  • A 3/8" hole in one side bypasses the card, allowing drones or a virgin queen to exit and enter the hive while pollen is being collected.
  • Unit secures to the front of your hive with two 1 5/8" coated deck screws (supplied) and can be left in place at all times, if desired. Simply remove the card to allow for use as a normal entrance.
  • Works on many different types of hives including Warré, modified Warré, 8-frame Langstroth and, when an entrance reducer is used, 10-frame Langstroth

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