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Cone Style Swarm Trap with Mouse Guard and Pheromone Lure


Populate your new beehive with a swarm! This cone style swarm trap, made from recycled wood fiber, is a very cost effective way to catch one. Simply mount the trap to the side of a building, from a tree limb, on a tree trunk, etc.. With the phermone lure (included) tacked to the inside, you have a high likelihood of succcess (the manufacturer of the lure claims an 80%+/- rate of success in catching swarms)! Increase your chances even more by also rubbing a dab of Lemongrass oil inside! Check the trap at least twice a week, and when a swarm is captured, simply transfer the bees into your hive. Comes with complete, detailed instructions for mounting and lure installation. These traps are very durable, can withstand the elements very well and will last indefinitely. They can be used and reused many times over.

We fasten a piece of 1/2 inch mesh hardware cloth over the entrance of these traps to prevent mice from entering them and ruining them with their urine. This is a service that you will receive only from The Warre Store!

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Read the instruction sheet! DO NOT OPEN THE LURE VIAL! Lure works by slowly releasing the phermone right through the plastic.

IMPORTANT: Traps should be mounted 8-12 feet from the ground. When trying to catch swarms from known, existing hives or feral nests, traps must be located at least 100 yards away!

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