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Cedar Warre Hive with Viewing Windows


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Here at Teakwood Organics, we are not and never have been advocates of using boxes with viewing windows. Obviously, plexiglass in a beehive does not help to create a natural environment for the bees. Not to mention that what a person can actually see through the window at any given time is questionable. For a long time we stated that we did not and would not make them, but we had so many requests for them (it was the #1 FAQ) that we finally gave in. So for those of you who just must have them, we offer Warré hives with viewing windows.

This hive is exactly the same as our cedar Warré hive in every way, except that each hive body has a nearly four-inch tall removable panel. Removing the panel reveals a plexiglass window that gives you a view of the inside. The handle on the panel is still fully functional for carrying a heavily laden box without a problem, thanks to the durable draw-catch hardware. The hive bodies are designed and built to maintain their strength and protect the bees' welfare as best possible, while giving you the ability to take a peek inside from time to time.


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