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Lang Nuc-to-Warre Transfer Box


Sometimes, the dilemma is that bees are available in a Lang 5-frame nuc, but there is no way to get them and their brood into your Warre hive. Or, you might already have one or more Langstroth hives from which you'd like to transfer some bees. This box sits directly on top of your Warre or modified Warre hive and, hopefully, as the season progresses, the bees move downward and into their new home. At the end of the season, you can remove the transfer box and harvest the honey from it, and then install the quilt and roof on your hive.

This product is made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar and CDX plywood and is built using all of the same high-quality construction techniques that we use to build our hives. Available for transferring either deep or medium 5-frame nucs. Simply select the correct size from the drop-down menu before adding it to your cart.

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Product is shown atop a hive body for demonstrative purposes only. No hive bodies or frames are included.

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