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Just getting started? If so, you need to know that there are five pieces of equipment every beekeeper must have. These are a veil, a smoker, gloves, a bee brush and a hive tool. There are lots of other niceties available, but these are five items you cannot be without! Don't be tricked into purchasing an inexpensive "starter kit" that includes low-quality things that you don't want and doesn't include the things that you need! When it comes to a veil, what we recommend for new beekeepers is a jacket with veil. A veil alone just doesn't provide the beginner with the protection that he or she needs! This package gives you the protection of a hat, veil and jacket combo, plus everything else aforementioned above. These are all the exact same items you can find listed separately in our store.

You can read specific details about each item and see more photos by clicking on the links below:

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