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16 ft. Ratcheting Hive Strap


This strap that works very well for securing your hive together and to its stand. There are no hooks, unlike a typical tie-down strap. No hooks means less cumbersome, more aesthetically pleasing, and no chance that your hive will be damaged when the strap is tightened. One end of the strap is affixed permanently to the ratcheting mechanism. Simply remove the hive's roof, loop around the hive and stand, place the free end through the ratcheting mechanism and pull it snug. A few swivels of the ratchet and the strap is tight. Replace the roof (over the strap) and the hive is then extremely secure. DO NOT strap over the roof! It is unnecessary, and damage to the roof can occur. The ratcheting mechanism can usually be hidden under your stand, and the leftover strap stored in the quilt box.

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