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Cedar Warre Swarm Trap Kit


This extra-tall Warre hive body makes a great swarm trap! The kit includes the body with 8 V-shaped top bars (waxed and installed), fiberglass screen, lift bracket, polyester rope with clip, set of four ratcheting tie-downs and a pheromone lure.

The main body of this unit is made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar.

Simply strap the lift bracket to a tree with two of the four camouflage ratchet straps, use the rope to lift the trap to just below the bracket, and then then secure the trap to the tree by placing straps around the top and bottom of the mounting board. Once the trap is secured, just unclip the rope and take it with you. All you need is a ladder (another person to work the rope is helpful). Easy up, easy down, and no damage to the tree! With the phermone lure tacked to the inside, you have a high likelihood of succcess (the manufacturer of the lure claims an 80%+/- rate of success in catching swarms)! Increase your chances even more by also rubbing a dab of Lemongrass oil inside!

When you catch a swarm, simply close the entrance and take the trap down, remove the mounting board and the plywood bottom, and then set it on top of your hive. After removing the plywood top, install the quilt and then the roof. Done! You'll get your trap back when you harvest honey from the hive. Because no actual transfer of the colony is required when using this method, it won't matter if you neglect to check the trap for a while.

If you want to transfer the swarm from the trap to your Warre hive and be able to immediately set the trap back up to catch another swarm, simply allow the bees to settle in for a few days, take the trap down, remove the top and then remove (a frame lifter hive tool works well for this) and transfer each top bar into the hive. Dump any stragglers into the hive once all the bars are transferred, and then install a new set of bars and pheromone lure into the trap before putting it back up. To make this type of transfer even easier, use our newly designed frames in your swarm trap, instead of top bars. We recommend that you use foundation in the frames if you do this.

Read the instruction sheet! DO NOT OPEN THE LURE VIAL! Lure works by slowly releasing the phermone right through the plastic.

IMPORTANT: Traps should be mounted 8-12 feet from the ground. When trying to catch swarms from known, existing hives or feral nests, traps must be located at least 100 yards away.

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