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Cedar Warre Hive Body with 8 Top Bars and a Viewing Window-Unassembled


This is the unassembled version of our Cedar Warré Hive Body with 8 Top Bars and a Viewing Window . If you have some woodworking skills and the tools you'll need, you can save a few dollars by assembling these hive bodies yourself. We highly recommend that you use Titebond III wood glue during assembly, followed up with the mechanical fasteners of your choice. The plexiglass and the screws to secure it are included.

Hardware for securing the window shudder is not included. You can secure the shudder however you choose, but if you don't use the same type of draw-catch hardware that we use, it is advised that you install the handles on the opposite sides of the hive bodies, so that there is no handle on the shudder.

Click here for detailed assembly instructions!

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