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Metal Frame Rests for Converting to Modified (Framed) Hive


We are the only company in the U.S. offering frames that will fit into any Warré hive, regardless of who built it. This means that you can convert your Warré hive from top bar to framed, and back again. Most people who want to use frames rather than top bars, do so because they want to do regular hive inspections . If this is the case, we recommend installing these metal frame rests in your hive bodies to protect the rebates from damage that can occur when you break the propolis adhesion. In order to install these metal frame rests, simply press each one firmly over the rebate edge with your thumb and then, using your other hand, use a brad driver to drive the supplied nails right through the metal and into the wood. Do NOT use the pre-drilled holes in the frame rests when securing them. Includes two metal frame rests (enough for one hive body) and the required fasteners.

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