The honeybee is one of nature's most fascinating creatures. How do they know so much? Once you've spent some time studying them, you might begin to realize that they are better at what they do than any of us ever could be. When human beings intervene to help a bee colony solve a problem, they often create more problems or problems where none had actually existed. Today, many beekeepers are loading their hives with medications and chemicals to "help" the bees cope with pests, diseases and stresses that have been plaguing them for at least a few decades.

At Teakwood Organics, we believe in keeping bees in a more natural way. We give the bees a home that serves them well, then we let the bees take care of themselves as much as possible. The bees know what they are doing. They've been surviving on their own for millions of years. Survival of the fittest is the natural way and minimal intervention is how strong bee colonies are created and maintained. However, there are times when some intervention is warranted. At those times, we prefer natural treatments over chemicals. Chemicals will only lead to more problems for bees and beekeepers in the long term. Let us help you have bee colonies that are healthy and happy, naturally.