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Although our video tutorials are by no means all-inclusive of the information that you will need to succeed in Warré beekeeping, they are extremely helpful. We highly recommend that you watch all that apply to the type of hive that you are using (Warré/Octagonal or modified Warré). Please remember, though, that it is very important to read and study the other information that is on this site. If you are new to beekeeping, please read For New Beekeepers for a recommended course of study to get you started. Simply click on the video you'd like to watch...and enjoy!

NOTE: Clicking on any of the links below will take you to our Magix Online video album, which offers high resolution video and sound for the best viewing experience. However, because slower internet connections and/or certain devices may make it impossible to view our videos from the Magix album, all eleven of our videos are also available on You Tube. Try to use the links below first, but if you are unable to view the videos that way, simply come back and click this link to go to our You Tube channel.

Busy bee cam

About hivetop feeders

How to assemble a frame (For modified Warré hives only.)

How to set up a Warré hive (Although a modified Warré hive is shown in the video, all of our hives set up in the same basic manner.)

Preparing your Warre hive

Preparing for bee installation (Watch BEFORE watching either of the packaged bee installation videos.)

Warré hive bee installation (Packaged bee installation procedure for standard Warré and octagonal hives)

Modified hive bee installation

How to inspect a modified Warré hive

How and why to use a smoker

Compact Deluxe Extractor Demonstration