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UPDATE FOR April 21st, 2018

Although it might not seem like it in many areas of the country, spring has arrived and if you want to get started in backyard beekeeping this year it's time to get very serious about making it happen. Packaged bees are still available for the month of May @ wolfcreekbees.com. Get your packaged bees ordered now. Once you've done that, you're ready to decide on your equipment and get it ordered ASAP. We are absolutely dedicated to making sure that all of our customers have everything they need...when they need it, but please help us help you by getting those orders placed now! We are absolutely confident that we produce the finest beekeeping equipment in the world, and we build many products that you'll find nowhere else. Please contact Chris @ 231-534-4736 if there is any help/advice that you need at all. Thank you!

The Warre (pronounced war-ray) Store is owned and operated by Teakwood Organics LLC, a family-owned company located in Kingsley, Michigan. Founded by Chris Harvey in 2008, our mission is to help you succeed at the wonderful and exciting hobby of beekeeping. We are dedicated to the advancement of Warré beekeeping in the United States and to providing our customers with unparalleled service and support. We build the highest quality beehives in the industry and we specialize in Warré hives. We have Warrés that are modified to use frames, accessories for Warré hives, and we even have a Warré inspired octagonal hive!

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All of the hives that we manufacture are made exclusively from SFI (sustainable forestry initiative) certified red cedar. Rest assured that when you buy from us, you'll not only be on your way to helping the honeybees, but you'll already be helping to sustain our forests and protect the environment.

We've spent thousands of hours developing this website so that it contains all of the information you'll need to be successful at hobby beekeeping with Warré hives. Please take your time discovering all that is offered here!

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Octagonal beehives

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Emile Warré's book, "Beekeeping for All", is available as a PDF download by visiting our Links page, and we've made learning about Warré beekeeping even easier with our video tutorials.


By surpassing them in not only quality and customer service, but also in selection and price.

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Healthy swarm of honeybees looking for a new home. You can give them one!

Since our inception, we have been the leading authority on Warré beekeeping; bringing new and innovative products to the American market and educating backyard beekeepers. Regardless of how hard others may try to imitate us, they can't even come close!

Healthy honeybee colonies begin with a home in which they can live as nature intended. Unlike other beekeeping supplies companies, we cater to the hobbyist beekeeper who wants the best quality products and the service to match. If you want the best for your bees, buy from us. We guarantee the highest quality products in the industry, and after nearly a decade of continuous business operation, you can rely on us to be here to help you along!

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We offer free mentoring to all of our customers. Remember that our goal is to see you succeed.

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