We've had thousands of satisfied customers...here are just a few.

“I just want to say thanks for the quick shipping, quality products (hivetop feeders), your willingness to ensure my satisfaction and for all of your help on the phone. Great doing business with you and I’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone interested in beekeeping. I wish you all the best and…happy beekeeping!”

Bob in Helena, MT

“Simply and completely stated, Chris and the Warre store are the real deal! I’ve ordered a number of items from the store and will continue to do so. The customer service response from Chris, the YouTube videos, practical tips and the quality of the products are all outstanding. I feel so well supported in my efforts as a beekeeper.
Most recently, I purchased a square hivetop feeder. I tried two other options before finally admitting that the Warre store’s feeder was exactly what I needed. It’s super easy to prepare it for long-term use and it just makes sense. I go out to the hive in just my pajamas and flip-flops, remove the roof and quilt box, and pour. So easy…and the bees are so contented. What more could I ask for?”

Anne in Cumberland, ME

I’ve been working exclusively with the Warre store for four years now and I hope my testimonial reaches those who are considering starting beekeeping, or those who have been keeping bees in Langstroth hives and are considering switching to something more natural. I always encourage my friends and family to keep bees…but only with the Warre hive and only by dealing with Chris at the Warre store! Their products are clearly superior, but that’s only part of the story. Their website is unbelievable! If you can’t find the answers to your questions on the website, you don’t need to know the answers. Having said that…I appreciate that I can reach out to Chris on the phone whenever I can’t seem to understand what’s going on with “my girls”. If all businesses ran the way his does, all of our lives would be much better. Thanks to the Warre store for all that you have done to help me!

John in Cohasset, MA

"I recommend The Warré Store to anyone with an interest in beekeeping the natural way. As a repeat customer, I've purchased everything from complete hives to honey harvesting equipment to protective clothing and more, and it has all been of the highest quality. I've been especially impressed with the woodenware (top bars and frames) produced by Teakwood Organics, of which the craftsmanship is second to none and clearly shows a strong commitment to excellence. The packaging is very well done and consists almost entirely of earth-friendly material, and Chris is always available to answer questions and give advice."

Andy in Snohomish, WA

"I am really enjoying having the hives...it is a lot of fun! I was able to get between 20-25 lbs. of honey from each hive, which I am very happy with for my first year. Thanks for all your help!"

Conlon in Bodoin, ME

"I received my packages today and everything arrived in excellent condition. The
Warré hive looks sharp! Thank you!"

Yolanda in Rock Port, MO

"Good job of packing - My regards to your shipping dept!"

Karl in Fairbanks, AK

"In the fall of 2010 my wife and I became interested in keeping some bees. After a couple of months of discussing whether we had the time and money to become beekeepers we decided to take the plunge. My wife went with a traditional Langstroth hive as one of our friends gave her her first hive as a gift, while I opted to go with a Warré hive. From the day I placed my first order with The Warré Store, I have received great customer care and the highest quality products. Any time I have a question I just send them an e-mail and normally within hours (many times less), I will have an answer to my question or sound suggestions, as to how to proceed with whatever issue I have. Their 'How to' video's from 'How to install a package of bees' to 'How to assemble a frame,' are also an excellent resource for first timers like me. As for why I went with a Warré Hive... After reading a number of articles on beekeeping, I decided I wanted to be as bee friendly as possible. Managing a Warré is less intrusive and the hive dimensions are closer to what the bees would naturally use if left to find their own home. By letting the bees draw out their own comb, they can build what they require, not have the beekeeper dictate the size of cell they must use. The result? When comparing my bees to my wife's bees in these first four months, I have more bees, more comb, more brood and overall more activity with a lot more bees going in and out of the hive. As for honey, we are currently in a dearth (the worst dearth in NW Arkansas in many, many years) and having to feed the bees, so it is hard to say, but if I had to put money on who's hive has a better chance of making it through this coming winter, my money would be on my Teakwood Organics built Warré Hive!"

Nigel in Lincoln, AR

"Thanks again for your help and advice, great videos and great products."

Chris in Clayton, NC

Octagonal Warre Beehive

"Hi! I thought you might enjoy a progress report. The Wolf Creek bees did this in ten days!
I added a third box today. It's pretty hot and dry here this summer and these girls are getting a late start. Still, they're looking good!"

 John in Austin, TX

"Thanks for building such beautiful hives!"

Norma in Calistoga, CA

"Dear Chris, thanks for all of your help. My bees arrived this morning and I installed them. The hive sits at the edge of my small orchard and I hope they'll love it there. Thanks again!"

Tim in Stuyvesant, NY

"My hive arrived quickly, was well packed, and had easy to follow instructions. The information and videos on thewarrestore.com were a lifesaver for me and my bee's. Chris answered all my emails and phone calls and he was very patient and encouraging. When adding on to my hive, I ordered the wrong item. Chris informed me of my mistake and sent the correct product along with a check for difference in cost. Rather then offering me credit he returned my overpayment, which is something you just don't see these days. From my limited experience with beekeeping and from listening to other people talk about their problems, I'd say Chris Harvey and Teakwood Organics are a step above. Thank you!"

Julie in Goodrich, MI

"Just a note to let you know that the hives arrived safe and sound - excellent craftsmanship! Thank you!"

Crystal in Richmond, MI

"The hives look great! Thanks for your help and fine craftsmanship!"

Steve in Damon, TX

"The hive arrived in perfect shape and is beautiful! I was impressed with how you package everything. Thank you!"

Kathy in Mt. Pleasant, NC

"Hello and Thank You...I was very pleased with the products I received from you last year and am now adding a second hive. Thank you also for including the Wolfcreek link on your site. I had heard of them a few years ago and was glad to be reminded."

Theresa in the NC Blue Ridge Mountains

"Just wanted to let you know the hive arrived in time for the unexpected package to be installed into it. You guys are great! On another note; the bees from Wolfcreek Apiaries, that I installed on March 24th, are already drawing comb in the 3rd box. Their bees are the best! Thanks again for your excellent service."

Lee in Anniston, AL

"Folks, those top feeders you all make are AWESOME! I installed 3 packages on Monday (2 Warré, 1 Langstroth) and went in this [Thursday} morning to remove the queen cages. I was in and out of the Warrés in under a minute; the Langstroth took a bit more work. I'll tell you, the Warré hive is so much easier to work than the Langstroth. I'm sold, all chips in on the Warré in the coming years. Local skeptics can lump it. Thanks for the great craftsmanship and an overall quality product. I'll bee back for more down the road."

Jeff in Charlotte, NC

"You provide terrific customer service - greatly appreciated - and the hive is beautiful! I watched your video on how to install a package (and a half). It's very helpful! I'm hiving my 5 lbs of bees today."

Alexandra in Monterey, MA

"Your hives and accessories are first class. This is my first ever bee hive and I really enjoy it. I received my 5 lbs. of bees on April 23,2012 from Wolf creek. I started out with 2 boxes and within a month needed to add another. At this point, July 24, 2012, I have 5 boxes with four of them drawn out and I just removed a sections box last Sunday full of beautiful comb honey. Thank you for your advice. By the way, your purple star thistle honey is wonderful. I've never had honey like that before."

Floyd in Jacksonville, FL

"I have to tell you the hive is absolutely hands down superior to any other hive I have seen. The craftsmanship is superb and it was extremely well packaged in all recyclable materials... the way every American product should be! I absolutely love it; spring cannot come fast enough! There's no doubt I will refer friends to you. Also, I have learned so much from your website, it is clear that countless hours have been invested in it. Let me tell you, it is well worth it! Your site contains everything one would need to keep bees. Not only that, it contains information from an experienced Warré beekeeper! Information from a reliable source is priceless! To say you are only a step above competition is an understatement. Teakwood Organics is leaps above the competition! Why go anywhere else? Thank you so much for your hours of work. I truly appreciate it!"

Kilee in Stansbury Park, UT

"I received my octagonal hive this afternoon, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed! The darn thing is just beautiful. When the "girls" see this bad boy, they are going to set up housekeeping in a hurry! I can't wait for spring! I have a bee club meeting this weekend and I'm going to bring it in for display. I'll be ordering more stuff from you during the winter. I'm also going to try the bees that you recommend from Wolf Creek. If they are half as good as your products, I'll be set for life!"

Scott in Missoula, MT